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Minority Leader Hutto’s Statement on the FY 2021-2022 General Appropriations Act

Columbia, SC - South Carolina Senate Minority Leader Brad Hutto (D-Orangeburg) released the following statement regarding the FY 2021-2022 General Appropriations Act:

“Today the General Assembly returned to consider Governor McMaster’s vetoes to the FY 2021-2022 General Appropriations Act, and after consideration, members of both chambers worked efficiently to finalize a state budget for the people of South Carolina. As we emerge from unprecedented times, this budget takes crucial steps to get us back on track.

“Included is a number of appropriations that will directly benefit people across our state, including many rural and minority communities. The projects these funds were dedicated to will make public gathering spaces safer and more appealing; revitalize educational programs and facilities; and contribute to bettering vital community resources— all of which will have a tremendous positive impact on South Carolinians who are deserving of quality places and experiences in their own neighborhoods.

“Among the Governor’s vetoes were many initiatives that Senate Democrats proudly sponsored, all of which the State Legislature ultimately voted to include in the state budget. These investments in communities across South Carolina include funding for civic, wellness, and senior centers; educational initiatives that will help serve underprivileged students; projects to improve parks, libraries and pedestrian walkways; tourism initiatives that will bolster our state’s economy; and much more. These, along with investments in teacher pay raises, statewide 4K, and broadband expansion are all wins for people in every part of our state.

“Additionally, we voted to include the $6,548,300 for law enforcement Governor McMaster attempted to veto. These funds will largely go to local police and sheriff’s departments across our state for equipment and facilities they need to responsibly and safely protect our communities. Although the Governor appealed to defund these police resources, we understand and hear the needs of our local law enforcement and ultimately voted to override this veto.

“After a year that brought so much uncertainty and tragedy for our state, we are thankful for the opportunity to pass a budget that will help return us to normalcy and work toward vital improvements. This budget is an investment in a bright, equitable future for every South Carolinian”.


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