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South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus Statement on Governor’s Signing of S.1 Abortion Ban

Columbia, SC - The South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus released the following statement on the Governor’s signing of S.1 (The Abortion Ban Bill) in the State Senate:

“It is deeply regrettable to see that the Governor took this afternoon to hold a ceremony to sign a bill he knows is unconstitutional. While South Carolinians are still dying from a pandemic that rages on, the Governor and his allies threw themselves a celebration for their attempt to strip away the rights of women. Their priorities are shameful.

“With this bill signing, Republican leaders chose to enter an inevitably lengthy and costly legal battle at the expense of taxpayers. This abortion ban will be struck down like every other abortion ban in every other state that has attempted before this one. They will not be successful in their endeavors to take away the rights of women and girls in South Carolina.

“The legislative victory they are touting today will be short lived. Republicans will ultimately lose this fight in court, and women’s rights will continue to be protected.”


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