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South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus Statement on Passage of S.1 Abortion Ban

Columbia, SC - The South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus released the following statement on the passage of S.1 (The Abortion Ban Bill) in the State Senate:

“Our Republican colleagues in the Senate today showed the people of South Carolina that their pro-life stance is entirely performative. Forcing this blatantly unconstitutional bill through the legislative process to score political points, while 6,000 of our own have lost their lives to a pandemic that is still raging on, is hypocritical and deeply immoral. Senate Republicans prioritized stripping away women’s rights over the COVID-19 disaster that is right in front of us.

“We would like the women and girls of South Carolina to know that this is not the end— this bill will not hold up in court. This abortion ban will be struck down like every other abortion ban in every other state that has attempted before this one. What was done today was entirely political theater to appease extremists. Republican Senators showed you today that they want to deny you of your constitutional rights, but they ultimately will not be successful.

“We hope now, finally that they feel they have appeased their Party leaders and extremist campaign donors, the South Carolina Senate Republicans will allow us to move on to real issues that need our attention such as vaccine distribution, saving our small businesses, and public education.”


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