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South Carolina Senate Minority Leader Brad Hutto's Statement on the Passage of H.3094

Columbia, SC - Minority Leader Brad Hutto (D-Orangeburg) released the following statement regarding the passage of H.3094, the Open Carry bill, in the State Senate: "Against the wishes and advice of law enforcement, policy experts, and their constituents, Republicans jammed yet another piece of dangerous legislation through the State Senate this evening. "With mere days left in the Legislative Session, this bill was handpicked by Republican leadership to skip the committee process and head straight to the floor for fast-tracking. In the final working days of a year that has presented innumerable challenges for our state, Republicans chose to pander to a far-right group of their supporters rather than solve critical issues for folks back home. Partisan politics have once again prevailed within their caucus. "Let’s be clear— this bill does not expand anyone’s Second Amendment rights. It seeks to legalize intimidation and public endangerment. Open carry of firearms in public will ultimately lead to violent encounters, and injuries or death. With the ever growing numbers of gun violence across our country, it is shocking that any lawmaker would want to further encourage the display of lethal weapons in places where families gather every day." ###

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