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State Senator Jackson Introduces Resolution to Put $15 Minimum Wage Referendum on 2022 Ballot

Columbia, SC - State Senator Darrell Jackson (D-Richland) introduced today a resolution that aims to put the issue of minimum wage on the ballot next year, creating a statewide referendum on the 2022 General Election ballot that asks voters directly if they support raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour in South Carolina.

The referendum would not be binding, but rather a way to determine if the voters of the state are in favor of raising the minimum wage. The question printed on the ballots will state: “Should the State of South Carolina raise the State’s minimum wage to fifteen dollars per hour?” and voters will be given the option to check ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

The minimum wage in South Carolina is currently $7.25, which matches the current Federal rate under the Fair Labor Standards Act because there is no statewide minimum wage law. South Carolina is one of just five states that does not have a minimum wage law. From 1996 to 2020, there were 27 minimum wage increase measures on ballots across the nation. Of those, 25 were approved.

“This will give us, as lawmakers, an opportunity to learn exactly how voters feel about this issue” said Jackson. “Working people and families across our state are struggling to make ends meet, and $7.25 per hour is simply not a livable wage. With this referendum, we’ll be able to hear directly from voters if they want and need us to take action to raise the minimum wage in South Carolina”.


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