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SC Senate Democratic Leaders Issue Statement Ahead of State of the State Address


January 18, 2022

SC Senate Democratic Leaders Issue Statement Ahead of State of the State Address

Columbia, SC - Senate Minority Leader Brad Hutto (D-Orangeburg) and Deputy Minority Leader Ronnie Sabb (D-Williamsburg) released the following joint statement ahead of Governor McMaster’s scheduled 2022 State of the State Address:

“As we do every year, we look forward to hearing the Governor give his State of the State Address. We sincerely hope to hear the Governor offer solutions to the most pressing issues facing South Carolinians, such as keeping us safe during the ongoing pandemic by promoting vaccines and allowing businesses to take steps to protect their employees and customers; adequately funding and improving public education and our deteriorating schools; expanding health insurance so that more people can access the healthcare they desperately need; and bringing high quality jobs to every corner of our state. These are core priorities for us this legislative session, and know the tremendous positive impact tackling these issues could have on millions of people across our state. We also hope that the Governor does not use this precious opportunity to further divide South Carolinians by touting national partisan politics, rather than focusing on what matters to citizens in all areas of our state— rural, urban, and suburban”.


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